Fun, friendly & safe

Village Vesl ARM is all about community - by and between community members who live, work and play in the Alpharetta, Roswell and Milton communities of North Fulton County in Georgia.

Stay in the know

Maintain a 24/7 overview of what’s happening in the community. Stay in the conversation so you can stay in the know.

Leave hidden messages

Exchange location messages with friends, family members and others at the right time and place. Bring some real-time relevance to your world.

Who doesn't like a deal?

Enjoy the most consumer-friendly program the world over. The convenience of deals and loyalty across the community makes ARM a must-have.


Mix with the like-minded

We all have likes and dislikes. Well, we prefer to focus on the positives. So get with like-minded folks. Start or join a group.

For chatty types

Chat with everyone, including businesses. And do it anonymously if you’d like to stay under cover.

Community first-responder

This part is serious business. Use this feature with caution, but also don’t be afraid to do your part. If you see something, text something.


Businesses love ARM as well!

Small business is big for us, and we have some things in store for local merchants.


Valuable insights

Small businesses learn more about when consumers visit, their redemption totals, spend levels and more.

Be a consumer champion

It's all about reaching customers who aren't in the store and turning them into loyal customers when they visit.

Customer value

Rather than simply bombarding consumers with more advertising, local merchants deliver actual value using ARM.

Display your star quality

Small businesses use the ARM tools to improve customer relationships, build trust, earn respect, develop loyalty and grow revenue.

Give it a try!

Chat with friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors, browse and connect with local businesses, enjoy deals and special offers, create and join groups, and enjoy peace of mind. What do you have to lose?